You can never be  too prepared, making sure that you have a spare key for your vehicle  can save you hundreds. It used to be as easy as walking into your hardware store to get a extra copy for a couple dollars. Now  most vehicles come standard with a transponder key. These transponder keys have a tiny micro chip implanted inside them which communicates a signal to the vehicles on board computer system allowing the key to turn the vehicle on. You can still get that non-transponder key that will allow you to open your doors , but it will not be able to start your vehicle.

B&E Locksmith is equipped with the proper equipment to cut and program a transponder key for your vehicle. Without the need to go to a dealer using a locksmith can save you money, but transponder keys can still be a costly endeavor. The computer programs needed to program the keys to the vehicles are not cheap and each time you use the program you have to use tokens that also do not come cheap. With all the expenses incurred  plus his labor you have to charge accordingly.

Here at  the B&E locksmith in St George, UT.  we have a tester to test your key for a chip inside. Once tested if it has a chip we can give you a price on duplication which can vary by make and model, on average they are between 30-80 for a non remote transponder key. If you have lost your key all together the price can rise drastically. So it is always a good idea to at least keep a non-transponder copy to save you money in the future.