Access control systems have lost of benefits and can be a useful tool for you and your business. Here a few reasons you should consider upgrading you current hardware:


Restrict Access

A lot of business want to have a complex tiered access tree giving employees access only to the doors you want. Having an access control system setting this up and updating it as easy and fast. Something a physical master key system cant provide you. Access Control can allow you to set schedules for each employee for specific times making sure only who you want has access when and where you want them to.

Audit Trail

Most access control systems come with a log that allows you to see who’s been entering what areas of your building along with what time they did. This can help you determine who was in what area in case something is stolen or you have another similar problem.

An access control system will have a audit trail log every time a door is unlocked, who unlocked it, and when. The log will also show any failed attempts of entry so you will know if someone is trying to get somewhere they are not allowed


If you have a employee leave you don’t have to worry about getting their key back. Even if you do receive the key you never know if they have made other copies. With a cloud access control system you can instantly block access to any user remotely.

No more Lost Keys

Just like in the case of employee turnover if an someone loses their card you can simply remove its access until its found again.

Remote Access

With a cloud access control you can remotely unlock your doors. If there is an emergency and you need to let a someone into the building who either doesn’t have their card or doesn’t normally have access you can no longer have to make a trip down to the office. Simply log into your web app or use your phone to unlock the door.

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