Things to Consider With your New Home Purchase

Moving into a new place can be a hassle and security might not be on the top of your mind. Allow B&E Locksmith take one less thing off your list of to do’s. As your local Residential Locksmith and Commercial Locksmith servicing St. George, Ut. and the surrounding areas, we can help take care of the security of your home or business. Here are a few of the things we suggest you look into for your new place.


The first thing you should do when moving into a new place is to re-key your locks. You’ll never be completely sure if the previous owners of the building (or anyone else) still have an extra key that they can use to get inside your home or business. Even if you’re moving into a brand-new building that was just constructed, you’ll still want to re-key the locks because the construction workers may be holding onto extra keys that can open your doors.

The first thing you should do when moving is to Re-key the locks. You never know who might still have an existing key, previous owners or the neighbors down the street. This is even true if your moving into a newly constructed building, construction workers might still have an extra key that wasn’t turned over.


Upgrading the existing locks with high-security keys can add an extra level of safety. A restricted key-way are not only is harder to manipulate and open but they are also virtually impossible to duplicate without your consent. If you give someone a key you can rest assured they won’t be getting more copies of if without you knowing. Call B&E Locksmith today if interested and talking further about our high-security keys & locks solutions.



Installing an alarm system on your home or business has many benefits. Homes without alarm systems are more likely to be targeted by burglars, having an alarm system can also lower the cost of your insurance. For business having a sensor on side or back doors will help prevent anyone from entering or exiting without you knowing even during business hours.


If you’re looking for a home locksmith or business locksmith that services St. George Ut, and the surrounding area, give B&E Locksmith a call at  435-414-9753. We hope to hear from you soon.