If you’re tired of having so many keys to carry or prone to losing keys a key-less entry  might be the solution you are looking for. As an added benefit going completely key less removes the ability for thieves to pick your lock. It’s time to remove the inconvenience of carrying around all of those keys while making your home and business more secure with key-less locks.

Advantages of Keyless Entry

Key-less door locks allow you to provide entry to your home for others at your discretion sometimes with just a push of a button on a mobile app. No more giving a key to dog walkers, housekeepers, or house guests to get in to your home. Either give them a temp code that is discarded once used or a permanent use code.

Connected Key-less locks will have an audit trail system. Telling you exactly who and when someone attempted to enter your home.

Disadvantages of Key-less Entry

While there are many advantages of Key-less Entry there are still some disadvantages you should consider before moving forward.

Key-less entry locks require power to operate and while most give plenty of warning when the batteries are running low if you are away when it happens it could leave you locked out. Most newer models now also have an external connection to give temporary power to allow entry.

While you will never forget your keys again you might forget the entry code. Choosing a system that connects to your phone via wifi or bluetooth will assure this doesn’t happen

Whatever lock you choose the experienced installers at B&E Locksmith will be happy to assist you in installation and programming.