If you or someone you know owns a newer Honda vehicle with a High Security key there is a major issue you should be aware of. A common Honda key problem that is either already happening or soon will is a worn key and possibly damaged locks because of it. At first you might have trouble getting your keys into the lock then trouble turning the key. Eventually your keys will stop working all together and leave you stranded. Don’t worry here at B&E Locksmith we have a solution. First lets take a look at the issue:


honda key

Here you have two keys just cut by B&E Locksmith. It has defined sharp edges for the wafers in the locks to properly slide along.


Bad Honda Key

As you can see here are the original customers keys which are worn. The tips and edges are rounded from normal use of the key. When the wafers attempt to ride up along the cut of the key they get stuck. This will cause bending of the wafers causing them to jam and your key not work. It can also lead to damage of the lock cylinder itself.

Fixing the Honda Key Problem.

 To fix this issue we must remove the ignition cylinder from the column of the vehicle. Then remove all the damaged wafers and install new ones. Finally you must get a new key cut as continue use of the old worn keys will just quickly damage the new wafers and you will be right back to were you started. This is all apart of B&E Locksmith Automotive Services and we would be happy to come out to you to take care of this for you.

rebuilt honda ignition

Other Options.

If your key no longer turns in the ignition and you do not want to use a locksmith your only other option would be the dealership. You will need to have your car towed to their service center and the dealer will want to replace the entire lock. This if fine but will end up costing you much more and be a lengthy process.