As locksmiths your home security is our number one concern. At B&E Locksmith we provide St. George Utah and the surrounding area with residential specialist locksmiths. Here are 5 tips provided from our specialist to help protect your house.

1. Using A Deadbolt

Every exterior door in your home must have a working deadbolt. A knob or lever is just not enough security we suggest having a working deadbolt with long wood screws for the jam.

2. Reinforce Glass

For existing doors with windows, we recommend  installing a protective barrier of quarter-inch Plexiglas over any existing glass. Attached properly, it can prevent the burglar from breaking the window and either opening the door’s lock from the inside or getting into the house through the opening.

3. Don’t Leave Spares Outside

Often people hide keys outside incase they get locked out. This makes you exponentially more exposed to burglary. Someone trying to get into your home will likely check common hiding spots for your hidden keys.

4. Solid Doors

All entry doors should be solid wood or steel-wrapped wood-core doors. Hollow-core doors can be kicked in easily and don’t offer much of a deterrent.

5. Remember to Lock the Doors!

Seems easy enough but often times people forget. So remember the best lock in the world does no good when left unlocked so lockup!