Access Control

Companies with valuable assets are increasingly turning to access control systems as a safe and reliable security system. Unlike traditional locks, which can be unlocked with a unique metal key, access control systems can grant individual access through combination codes, key cards, key fobs, mobile phone identification, or even biometric scanning of eyes or thumbprints. These locks can provide personalized access and tracking, and even connect with your building’s security system for a solution that effectively protects your space from any unwanted intruders.

B&E Locksmith can install and maintain access control systems ranging from a simple standalone electronic lock on one door to a complex networked solution for busy workplaces.

Benefits for Commercial Businesses

B&E’s access control systems provide a comprehensive security solution for your business. With a remote access system, you can grant or revoke individual access to certain areas at any time, eliminating the need for tracking down keys from previous employees or making duplicates for new staff. This technology is tested and reliable, so you can have peace of mind regarding safety, security, and access tracking.

Standalone Vs Networked

Depending on your specific needs, you’ll be able to choose between a standalone access control solution or a networked access control solution. Standalone access control systems work for one door at a time, while networked locks connect to a wireless network and function like a computer to control multiple doors and users at once. With networked lock systems, administrators can even remotely unlock specific doors from their smartphones. Prices vary widely based on door type and quantity and the specific type of lock; however, standalone locks are less expensive to purchase and install than networked locks.



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